Our Customer Service Leadership – Kathy Householder

Our Customer Service Leadership – Kathy Householder

As we wrap up a fun-filled week that celebrated the dedication of our entire customer service team, we finally acknowledge the leadership of our customer service staff, Kathy Householder, who leads a diverse team of individuals that scale the entire Colorado Front Range.

Kathy Householder2Kathy Householder (above)

Kathy started her career in a customer service role more than 24 years ago, and she uses her applied experience to lead her team toward delivering the highest standards of customer service and support.  Her primary goals are to ensure that the UCHealth Plan Administrators’ Shared Purposes are consistently carried out and to make certain that each customer interaction is positive experience.

The UCHealth Plan Administrators’ Shared Purposes were developed to supplement UCHealth’s mission, vision, and values from a health plan administrator perspective.  The intent is to extend the core principles that guide the entire UCHealth system to its third party administrator infrastructure, relative specifically to administrative customer service and advocacy.  The Shared Purposes are:

  • Patients, Members, Clients, Brokers, and Providers First.
  • Treat each constituent as if they are our only one, with each interaction.

“Here at UCHealth Plan Administrators, one of our core shared purposes is to treat each constituent as if they are our only one,”  Kathy said.  “One way we work to achieve that purpose is to consistently strive for a ‘one call resolution,’ which means that all efforts are made to resolve each customer inquiry with one interaction.  Many health plans have a call center approach where customer inquiries may be cut short in order to satisfy defined call metrics and benchmarks – we are not like that.  We understand that healthcare is very personal to our customers, and we want to spend as much time with them as necessary to address and ease their concerns in one phone call, to the greatest extent that we can.  Each and every member of our team lives this purpose every day, and we work as a team to attain this.”

“I am so proud of the team that we have,” Kathy said.  “I wholeheartedly believe that our customers can feel comfortable speaking with any one of them and can feel confident that they will receive the best customer service possible.”

Thank you, Kathy, for your dedication and commitment to customer service excellence!  Your continued leadership toward the application of the UCHealth Plan Administrators Shared Purposes is a critical component to our organization’s success!