Innovative Solutions

164123455smAs the healthcare industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, UCHealth Plan Administrators provides employers with real cost-mitigating solutions in order to gain greater control over their employee’s medical and prescription drug spend.  Our innovative product suite produces measurable savings through our direct association with the only academic health system in the region, our data analytics capabilities, and our unique tools designed to engage employees in their own healthcare.

Customized and Strategic Plan Analysis and Development

We understand that every client has different goals and requirements.  The client relations team at UCHealth Plan Administrators performs the following functions to fully support our clients:

  • We develop a thorough understanding of each client’s unique needs and business strategies;
  • We provide comprehensive feedback toward the development of a customized cost-containment strategy;
  • To achieve optimal savings, we present active and passive cost-containing benefit options that directly tie into the utilization of the UCHealth Plan Administrators Preferred Network, while ensuring that employees and dependents in different geographic areas have access to quality healthcare services;
  • We utilize the long-standing relationships that we have cultivated within the healthcare industry to offer the most compelling and cost effective benefit solutions.

Integrated Pharmacy Management

In conjunction with UCHealth, UCHealth Plan Administrators is best able to provide partially self-funded employers with a true cost mitigation solution to one of the most costly components of any employee health plan – prescription and specialty drugs.  As pharmacy costs continue to trend upward, UCHealth Plan Administrators works directly with UCHealth to deliver:

  • A one-of-a-kind inpatient and outpatient pharmacy management service that yields the most aggressive discounts in the industry;
  • On-site pharmacists who deliver clinical guidance and expertise to employees regarding their medication usage and compliance plans;
  • Mail order services for employees who take maintenance medications and costly specialty drugs;
  • Active formulary management initiatives that monitor the introduction of new medications into the marketplace, ensuring that our preferred drug listing adequately represents all therapeutic categories while incorporating the most cost-effective approach.

Preferred Stop Loss Partnerships

As a third party administrator, we have the responsibility to identify all opportunities to reduce stop loss costs in our effort to provide our clients with affordable healthcare.  Because we are a division of UCHealth, UCHealth Plan Administrators receives robust discounts from our stop loss partners due to:

  •  The superior quality of our network, as attested to by its size and scalability;
  • The recognition of best patient outcome achievements through one of the nation’s most acclaimed academic healthcare institutions;
  • Our integrated business model that enhances the coordination of effective healthcare delivery and care management initiatives.

Sophisticated Online Resources

Engaging employees in their own healthcare is a critical theme of an effective healthcare cost-containment strategy.  “My Health Connection” is a new tool available through UCHealth that provides employees with the following resources:

  • Direct online access to portions of their own electronic medical record where physicians store their health information;
  • Electronic accessibility, via personal computer or smart phone, to make physician appointments, interact directly with their physician, retrieve their lab results, review medications and immunizations, and more detailed health information through a secure, password-protected portal through an encrypted connection;
  • Tools that encourage and engage employees in assuming personal health responsibility and accountability.

In addition to employee health record accessibility, UCHealth Plan Administrators provides employees, employers, providers, and brokers with a secure, state-of-the-art technology portal that allows for convenient online access to a myriad of information, including online enrollment capabilities, eligibility and claims status, summary plan documents, explanation of benefits, and various customized reports.  All data is delivered through a secure, HIPAA-compliant format and provides immediate access to a wide array of important information.

Actionable Data Sharing

Reporting simply for the sake of reporting adds little value if it does not provide actionable opportunities to accomplish evolving goals and objectives.  At UCHealth Plan Administrators, we provide our clients and broker partners with a wide-ranging reporting suite that includes:

  • Near-time reporting data in a graphically intuitive, easy-to-understand format with multiple capabilities to drill into various data elements;
  • In-depth analysis and trend review that includes actionable recommendations to minimize overall healthcare spend while providing quality healthcare coverage;
  • Sophisticated predictive modeling engine, powered by Johns Hopkins University, that maximize our ability to identify individuals with elevated health risk factors and conduct personalized outreach, offering a precise method by which to turn raw data into executable action plans.